EYJA reaches one-month milestone

We cannot believe it’s already been a month since EYJA officially launched! We’re proud to announce that in this time we’ve had 89 new users sign up. Thanks so much to those of you who’ve joined our service, it’s wonderful to have you onboard and we’re grateful for your support at this early stage. 

We appreciate the website still needs some ‘tweaks’, and some of our services still need to get fully up and running, so we appreciate the trust you’ve put in the early EYJA service.

Perfecting the EYJA website

Currently we’re focusing on perfecting the website. This involves fixing any bugs we’ve found, improving the look of the site and testing a few new features and functions we plan to add. While this happens there may be areas of the website that are inaccessible – we apologise if this is the case, but we’re aiming to keep any downtime to a minimum! 

In the future when we plan any work to the system that might affect users, we’ll be sure to inform all our members in advance via email, so you’ll always be aware if there’s scheduled downtime. However, if you come across a problem with the website at any other time then please do let us know about the problem by contacting us via our contact form.

User registration

We’ve tried to make user sign up as simple as possible, but have noticed that since launch, a few new users have unfortunately registered under the wrong member type (for example registering as a PA user when you’re actually a PA).

If you’ve accidentally entered EYJA via ‘the wrong door’, then we urge you to contact our admin team, as they’ll help resolve the issue quickly. You’ll then be able to get the best possible experience from our service.

Also, upon registration you should have received a confirmation email, sent to the address you used to sign up. If for any reason you never received this or are unable to log in, then again we ask you to contact our admin team who’ll be happy to help. It could be something as simple as a mistake being made when you filled in your details.  


Those of you who’ve tried to click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of our website will have discovered that our Facebook page isn’t actually active yet! We’re in the process of setting this up and will be sure to let our members know when it is ready by sending you an invite to come on over and ‘like’, or follow, our page.

Our plans

As you can see we’re busy working to make EYJA the best service possible. Over the next couple of months we’ll be focusing on improving the profile pages and making our search system even bigger and better. In addition, we’ll be upgrading our website’s security, so you can always be safe in the knowledge that your private data is protected.

At this time, we’ve also still got 211 free subscriptions up for grabs to new members, so please do share our details with any colleagues who you think could benefit from joining EYJA.

In the meantime we hope you’ll continue using EYJA and enjoying our service. And please do keep checking our blog for the latest news and updates! 


All the best,

The EYJA Team



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