Help and advice

Getting started

Is EYJA a care agency or an employment firm?

Will EYJA help me to find the right employee or job?

Who can create an account on this website?

What does your name stand for?

How do I create an account on EYJA?

Is there a minimum age for registration on EYJA?

Care is needed for someone unable to create a profile on their own. Can I create a profile on their behalf?

Are the representatives of care agencies allowed to recruit employees on EYJA?

Can I sign up to EYJA if I don’t live in the UK?

I have never employed my PAs (carers) directly before. Can I use this service?

I have never worked as a PA or carer before. Will I get a job?

My English is not good. Will I get a job?

What does your free membership mean?

What does subscribed membership offer?

Is it safe to look for an employee or an employment on this website?

Why should I choose EYJA to care agencies?

My account

What should I include in my EYJA profile?

Who can see my profile?

How can I edit my profile?

How can I preview my profile?

Why can’t I put any contact details on my profile?

Why can’t I change some of the personal details on my account?

I want to update my email

I forgot my EYJA password

I am not looking for an employee/employer at the moment. How can I change my profile status?

Can I hide my profile from other members?

How long can my profile stay inactive?

How can I delete my account?

Do I have to fill in all the profile fields?

Can I use my account to help another person finding a PA or a job?


I can’t find anyone in my area

Why didn’t my search bring up any results?

What is the order of displaying the search results?

How can I find the newest members?

I have some special requirements. How can I find the right candidates?

I am in urgent need. How can I quickly find available candidates?

How does the distance calculator work?

How can I clear the search filters?

Can I save my search preferences for the next time?

Do I have to fill all the search fields?

What does the ‘Advanced search’ mean?

I can’t find anybody who meets my requirements

Connections and communication

What do the different member profile colours mean?

Why am I not getting any replies to my messages?

What do the terms ‘Active member’ and ‘Inactive member’ mean?

Will other members know that I visited their profile?

How can I see my search history?

How can I clear my search history?

How can I save my prominent candidates?

Will a member know that I added them on my ‘Preferred’ list?

How can I remove members from my ‘Preferred’ list?

Can I add inactive members to my ‘Preferred’ list?

Who should make the first contact?

Why can’t I contact another member?

When should I disclose my contact details to another member?

Why is nobody contacting me?

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