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There are a variety of small but mighty things that you can do to help Eyja improve, become smarter, and more easy to use! 

Honesty is Eyja’s currency

Members’ subscriptions are the only way that our platform can continue to operate. Any attempts to contact other members without paying the subscription fee is very damaging to the platform (and not to mention disrespectful to people who work hard ‘behind the scenes’).

What can we do? 

If you spot users who make their identity or contact details public on the platform or agencies selling their services to other members, the best course of action is to report them to admin. Another option is to not make contact with such members, showing them that you do not support breaching the rules. As often the case, if they do not respect the ‘House rules’ here, why should they later respect yours as your employee or employer.

A little goes a long way

As you might have already noticed, Eyja is not greedy when it comes to the subscription fee. However, these small injections are vital for the portal’s existence. As much as it is at the core of Eyja’s mission to be affordable for everybody, the maintenance and development of the platform can be pretty costly. Would you consider supporting this mission by subscribing or renewing your subscription if you haven’t already done so? 

Networking is key

Eyja’s founder started working as a carer because she had a friend who helped her to get into this area of work. Do you also have stories like this? A person you have met or a useful link dropped might become a life-changing point for some. We would greatly appreciate it if you have Eyja in mind when sharing useful information and resources among your social circles.


Eyja seeks to be an open space for members to share their ideas and suggestions for improvement and collaboration. Interesting and relevant posts on Eyja’s blog are more than welcome too and we are happy to air your own initiatives for good causes via our channel.

Bring it to another level

Looking for investment opportunities or would like to start an Eyja project in another country? Drop Eyja’s founder a message here.

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