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Find out how you can help the EYJA network to grow – and what you can get in return for your support

At EYJA, we place a strong emphasis on working closely with our members. Why? Because we fully believe that this approach will allow us to achieve our objectives of providing a consistently high-quality service.

The bigger our network, the more choice for our members, and so our focus is on spreading the word of what EYJA can offer – both for PAs and people living with disabilities.

This is where you, our members, can help.

Spread the word

First of all, we would love for you to share your EYJA experiences with friends, family and colleagues. Also, we’d welcome you sharing details of EYJA on your social media channels, as this will help us reach a wider audience who may benefit from our service.

Get involved in our blog

We’d also love to hear from you regarding news or information you’d like to see on our website. EYJA has a regularly updated blog and we’d be excited to hear what kinds of stories you’d like our writers to share.

In addition, we also welcome content from our users and professional writers, so if you’re feeling creative and would like to write for our blog, please get in touch.

Share your ideas

Here at EYJA we’re all about collaboration and so we’d also love to hear your own ideas for exciting ways to help us grow. If you have an interesting idea we could possibly collaborate on, please drop us a line!

The rewards

In return for your support, we’d like to say thank you by offering a range of rewards.

These will include the opportunity to gain gift vouchers through our partners. In addition, members will be able to gain EYJA Loyalty Points (coming soon), which can be redeemed towards your, or another member’s, annual subscription fee.

Furthermore, if you are a professional writer or marketer, we’re happy to discuss rates and payment for work undertaken.

Find out more

If you are interested in helping EYJA to grow, then please contact us to discuss the opportunities in more detail.

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