About us

We are EYJA, and you are probably wondering what we stand for, what our name means, and what we do. 

We are an affordable membership platform aimed at helping those living with disabilities who need a PA (carer) find exactly the right person they are looking for to help their day-to-day lives, as well as care professionals who are seeking employment.

Keeping things simple

We are not an employment agency, but instead an up-to-date quality service-provider who aims to remove the hassle of trailing through various agencies, and placing sometimes ineffective ads online and in print. After all, keeping things simple is one of our core principles.

The EYJA team is a compact group of young enthusiasts who possess a unique dynamic which ensures that our team fully understands both the needs of the PA users and of the PAs as well. 

Finding the personal assistant or employer

As we have already said, we place an emphasis on simplicity and it is through this simplicity that we are committed to helping our members find the perfect connection for each other and provide the best standard of service and excellence which we can offer.

If you would like to know what our name means, EYJA comes from the Icelandic word for “island” and that’s how we view ourselves - an online island for us and our members to come together, help each other in finding solutions to their existing problems, and then happily continuing with our lives.

Share your thoughts!

Whilst we have only just started out on our EYJA journey, all of us here are passionate about what we do and we will do everything we need to ensure our members are fully satisfied with our service, and to see our network flourish. However, this will not be possible without our members’ feedback, so any advice, suggestions or general feedback that you may have is always more than welcome and always greatly appreciated!

We look forward to hearing from you soon,


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