Five tips to make EYJA work smarter for you

At EYJA we greatly care about user experience and want to make sure our members get the most out of our website. In order to continue improving your EYJA experience we analyse how you use the platform and listen closely to any feedback you provide.

Our analytics have allowed us to develop this checklist of ‘top tips’ designed to help you benefit more from our platform. In order to find work – or an employee – more quickly, we recommend you follow these handy hints…


1 - Update your ‘my message’ text

As Christmas approaches, if your message still says you’re available for two weeks in June, well, that’s not going to do you any favours, is it?

Your message is the first thing other members see in your profile summary, so ensure you have either an ‘evergreen’ message that tells members something important about you, or you keep your message up to date. It’s really simple to edit your message, just pop onto your profile and select the ‘edit the More about me’ section.

2 - Don’t miss an opportunity – check your spam folder!

Got a feeling that you haven’t been notified about received messages? The first thing to do is check your email spam folder. If you find any EYJA messages there simply mark them as ‘not spam’ and in the future they should head straight to your inbox.

Still not receiving notifications? Then please contact us, as you should be notified about single received message within ten minutes of being sent. Please note however, that you won’t receive a notification if you’ve read the message right after you receive it on the website.

3 - Get some references, or write some

Upgrade your profile and speed up your job search with references from previous employers. Simply invite them to join EYJA and ask if they’d be kind enough to leave you a helpful reference.

Thanks to our smart solution, you have full control over whether this reference is visible to members; you can publish it, unpublish for a specific period of time or delete it entirely.

If you are an employer, why not reward your PA by writing a couple of nice lines about their work and qualifications? It only takes a couple of minutes, but could make a big difference to their future job hunt. This can easily be done by pressing the ‘leave reference’ link below your selected PA’s profile picture.

4 - Take the initiative

Don’t wait until you’re offered a position or get replies to your job ad. Browse EYJA, shortlist the members you like and contact as many as possible. This will speed up the recruitment process as well as giving you more choice and control.

5 - Make yourself at home

Signing up to a new network is just like visiting a new destination – it can take a little while to get your bearings and find everything you need.

So, with this in mind, take some time to explore EYJA’s tools and functionality and to familiarise yourself with your own account. You’ll quickly notice how easy and intuitive it is to edit your profile, find new members and interact.

Make the most of EYJA platform

There you have it, five simple ways to get more out of EYJA. Whether you’re looking for work or a new PA, our platform is there to help you. Follow these tips for quicker, more successful results and if you have any questions – or tips of your own you’d like to share – then please do get in touch.

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