Hitting the 300 subscriber mark ­– what’s next?

It’s now been several months since EYJA first launched and we’re excited to see use of our platform continue to grow as new members take advantage of our free subscription offer.

This special offer is available to our first 300 subscribers – a landmark we’ll soon be hitting, which means we’ll have given out all of our free subscriptions. For those who were lucky enough to receive this deal, you’ll receive 12 months of full access from the day you signed up, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of our portal and use all our services.


When your free subscription nears its end, we’ll send you a reminder in case you’d like to renew. But please remember that even once your subscription expires, your free membership will continue on. Free members are still able to use our search system, view members’ profiles, shortlist favourites and edit accounts - the only difference is that you won’t be able to send and read received messages.

However, if you’re likely to be a frequent user of our service, for example need regular respite cover or prefer working on short-term contracts, then we recommend that for your peace of mind you renew your subscription straight away. This will give you continuous access to all our services in case of an emergency or if you spot an interesting job opportunity and want to respond straight away.

Your security and happiness are our top priorities

But EJYA’s also there for you to dip in and out of as you wish, and members are free to re-subscribe as and when they need to. Please note that we’ll never take Direct Debit payments from your account  and we don’t have any hidden fees listed in the small print of our T&Cs. Our customers’ trust, security and freedom are our top priorities.

Our free subscriptions are likely to disappear soon, so if you know of someone who might benefit from our service, then don’t hesitate to drop them a link – they might be able to receive a free 12-month subscription from this simple act!

For those of you who have already joined, we hope you’ll continue to find our service useful. We’re always keen to receive feedback, so please feel free to send us your suggestions for improvement and let us know about your overall experience of using the EYJA service. Also don’t hesitate to report any issues you may be having – all enquiries and feedback can be sent via the Contact Us form on the EYJA website. 


All the best,

The EYJA Team




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