Need extra help over Christmas? EYJA’s here to help

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas we hope you’ve already got your care plans in place and are able to sit back and enjoy the festive season in whichever way you choose. 

Christmas can cause disruptions, as some carers – and rightly so – take time off to spend the holidays with friends and family. Planning ahead for your care during the Christmas holidays can give you peace of mind, but sometimes the unexpected can happen and you may discover you’re suddenly in need of an extra pair of hands. If this were to happen there’s several things you can do to sort things out quickly and simply, and we’ve put together our quick tips to help you arrange extra help over Christmas if needed.

Find carers available over Christmas 

Did you know you can find care support workers on EYJA who are specifically willing and ready to work over Christmas? Just click on the advanced search bar in the search box and a wider selection of search options will open up for you. 

Select the work pattern field and choose the Christmas period option. All the carers you’ll see have indicated they are happy to work during the festive season. Although these candidates have specifically indicated they can work during Christmas, it doesn’t mean that other carers and PAs won’t. With this in mind, if during your search you’ve found someone you’d like to employ, it can be worth contacting them to ask about their availability.

Finding a local carer or PA

Looking for somebody within reasonable travelling distance? EYJA’s advanced search offers another handy tool – a distance calculator. Simply enter your preferred distance and press the search button and the search results will show all candidates within your selected distance. This feature works by using the postcode recorded in your EYJA account details, so make sure this information is in your account profile to make use of this handy tool.

Urgently need support or care?

If you’re in urgent need of care or support then we recommend you use our updated Urgent feature. Once purchased, it sends emails to all the carers on EYJA, letting them know about your request and needs.  

Our statistics show that using the Urgent feature raises profile visibility twenty-fold in just a matter of days, and at least a few PAs will inquire about the work.

Before purchasing this feature please ensure you’ve completed your profile fully and provide all the information you can about the dates you need support and the kind of care you need. This way people visiting your profile will immediately be able to see what you need and know if they can help. 

Here’s to a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year!

We hope everything runs smoothly for you over the Christmas period, but are happy to provide a service that can help you solve any care issues if they do arise. However you’re spending the rest of this year we hope you have a happy and healthy time and we look forward to continuing to help and grow our community of people that need assistance and the caregivers that support them in 2020 and beyond. 


Best wishes! 


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