The importance of completing your profile in full

Recently we made some exciting updates to our website to help improve your experience using EYJA.

As part of this update it is now mandatory for all new members to provide some information in their profile before they can complete the registration process. In addition, any incomplete profiles will no longer appear in our search results. Therefore it’s very important that all members complete their profiles in full.

Why did we make this decision?

Empty profiles waste members’ time, as they click on a profile to find there’s no information available to them. We also noticed that some people tend to check if there are members who meet their requirements first and then only fill out their profile if they find someone suitable.

Although this may sound reasonable in the first instance, it actually stops people from finding each other as it has a waterfall effect. For example – a new member searches for a PA in her county. They cannot find anyone and so logs out without completing their profile. Later a PA from that same county joins and searches for any PA users looking for support. Sadly, because the first user never completed their profile they never discover each other! This issue goes on and on…

Finally, we’ve put this procedure in place to reduce the creation of fake, or spam, accounts. This ensures that only serious users of the service have access to the EYJA platform.

How will you benefit from completing your profile?

The benefits to completing your profile are obvious and immediate, but here’s a quick rundown of the main reasons you should keep your profile complete and up-to-date.

  • Our thoughtfully prepared questionnaire gives members clear and detailed information about yourself and the job or the service you offer.
  • A profile picture makes your profile stand out and helps the members to connect with you.
  • Research has found that members after completing the ‘More about me’ section of their profile received dramatically more messages.
  • Care work is very personal. Providing information about yourself is a good way to ensure you make good connections with like-minded people.
  • Research has found that members who send messages with incomplete profiles hardly ever received replies as empty profiles make other users wary and/or uncomfortable.
  • Regularly updated profile summaries attract new members to the EYJA website, helping you to make more connections.

Irrelevant questions and choosing to opt out

Some members may find that not everything asked in our questionnaire is relevant to them. Others may not want to share certain information on their profile.

This is not a problem. All we ask is that you complete at least a third of the questions in each profile section. This gives you the option to only share what you feel comfortable to, and ignore irrelevant questions.

Our system calculates what percentage of your profile has been completed and will let you know if more information is needed. As long as you meet the 30% completion requirement you will then be able to log into EYJA and use our service as usual.

Looking to the future

We’re really happy with the updates we’ve made to EYJA, which we believe makes our service both more secure and more user-friendly.  However, we continue to look for ways to improve our service further, and in the future may introduce additional features that will ensure a more efficient service and our members’ privacy.

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