Why we’ve chosen not to be on social media

You may have wondered if you can find EYJA on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. Well, we took the brave decision not to create social media accounts.

This may seem like an odd marketing decision, but we wanted to stick to our core principles. One of these is to keep our website and communication ‘minimalist’, providing exactly what’s needed and nothing more.

We don’t want to create unnecessary noise, ‘attacking’ our members with countless information in a world where we’re continuously bombarded with marketing messages every day. So we’re trying to create a more peaceful space, one where you get just the information you need.

Of course, we are open to the idea of embracing social media in the future if we believe it will provide a better service to our members. However, for now the only information on EYJA you’ll see on social media will come from our friends and partners.

All our communication with you will come from our regularly updated blog posts and of course our member newsletters. If you ever have any questions and want to contact us, remember it’s easy to get in touch using our website contact form.

All the best,

The EYJA Team

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